TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
If the cursor has been moved in the last ten
seconds, then the position is the cursor’s
position, and the latitude has a cursor symbol to
show this:
3-1-3 Chart scale
Press to zoom in and display a smaller area of
the chart in more detail. Press to zoom out and
display a bigger area in less detail.
The chart scale can be displayed (e.g. scale
= 8 nm, see below). The scale is the vertical
distance across the currently visible chart area.
For example if the scale is 8 nm then a portion
of chart eight nautical miles high is currently
3-1-4 The compass
A compass can be displayed at the top of the
chart (see section 3-1-8).
When the boat is navigating to a point, the
compass shows the bearing to the destination
(BRG) in the middle and the boat’s course over
ground (COG), for example here BRG is 4° and
COG is 12°:
Otherwise the compass shows the boat’s COG in
the middle, for example here COG is 12°:
3-1-5 Chart symbols
The chart will show symbols, such as waypoints
and chart symbols. When the cursor is placed
over a symbol for at least two seconds, a data
window appears at the bottom left of the display
with information about the symbol.
Warning: When reading the boat position,
make sure the position is not the cursor
3-1-6 Chart information
To see stored data about a point on the chart (for
example, a chart symbol):
1 Move the cursor to that point on the chart.
2 Press MENU and select Chart info.
3 A menu of objects is displayed:
i Select an object to display.
ii Press ESC to return to the menu. Select
other objects.
iii Finally, press ESC to return to the chart.
3-1-7 Find nearby services
To find and display nearby services:
1 To see services near the boat’s position, press
ESC to switch to centre on boat mode. To
see services near a different point, move the
cursor to that point on the chart.
2 Press MENU and select Find.
3 Select the type of service. There are three
types of service:
A list of ports is displayed. Select the port
to display.
To search for a port:
i Press MENU and select Find.
ii Enter some or all of the letters of the
port name. Press ENT.
Port services
i Select the type of service to find.
ii A list of places with this service are
displayed. Select the place to display.
Tide stations
A list of tide stations is displayed. Select
the station to display. The chart redraws
with the tide station centred. To now
display a tide chart (see section 8) for the
i Press MENU and select Chart info.
ii Select Tide height.
3-1-8 Change the data display and compass
Numeric data and a compass can be displayed at
the top of the chart display. To change these:
1 Press MENU and select Data header.
2 To turn the data display off or on:
i Select Data.
ii Select Off or On.
Minutes, to 3 decimal places
(about 2 m (6 ft) resolution)
36° 29.637' S
175° 09.165' E
+ 36° 29.684' S
175° 09.201' E
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