TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
The data display has six large numeric data fields.
To go to the data display, press DISP and select
Change what data is displayed
1 Press MENU and select Data setup.
2 Change a data field:
i Press the cursor keys to highlight the
ii Press ENT to display a menu of the data
that can be shown in the field.
iii Select the data to show in the field; select
None to leave the field empty.
3 Repeat the above step to change other fields.
4 Finally, press ESC to return to the data
5 Data display
6 Highway display
The highway display has a bird’s eye view of the
boat’s course to a destination:
To go to the highway display, press DISP and
select Highway.
Warning: The highway display does
not show land, dangerous waters or chart
CDI lines, parallel to the boat’s plotted course
(see appendix C, CDI). The CDI lines are like
a highway over the water where the boat
will move.
Six numeric data fields.
To change what data is displayed, see over.
Boat position is at the bottom,
centre of the display.
CDI scale
Boat’s plotted course to destination.
The highway display shows:
Destination waypoint.
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