TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
The satellite display has information about the
GPS satellites and GPS position.
To go to the satellite display, press DISP and
select Satellite.
7-1 Satellite display
Time & date from
GPS satellites. Time is
local time (UTC (GMT)
plus local offset, see
section 13-10).
Boat position.
HDOP: The error in
the GPS position
caused by satellite
geometry. A low
value indicates a
more precise fix,
a high value a less
precise fix.
Status of GPS antenna, for
example Acquiring, GPS
fix, No GPS. If the unit is in
Simulate mode it displays
Simulate (see section 2-6).
Positions of visible GPS
Outer circle is horizon
Inner circle is 45°
Centre is directly
North is at top of
If the boat is moving, COG
is a line from centre.
Signal strengths of
up to twelve visible
GPS satellites. The
higher the bar the
stronger the signal.
The satellite display
When the TRACKER is turned on, the satellite
display is shown automatically while the GPS
antenna starts up.
8 Tides display
The tides display shows tide information at a tide
station for the selected date.
To go to the tides display for the tide station
nearest to the boat, press DISP and select Tides.
To go to the tides display for any tide station:
1 From the chart display, press MENU and
select Find.
2 Select Tide stations.
3 A list of tide stations are displayed. Select the
tide station to display. The chart redraws with
the tide station centred.
4 Press MENU and select Chart info.
5 Select Tide height.
Choosing the date of the tide chart
1 Press MENU.
2 Select Today, Next day or Prev day.
To choose a different date from these, select
Set date, edit the date, press ENT.
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