20 TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
Moon phase for moon at
the current time on the
chosen date.
Height and time of highest high water and lowest low water on tide chart.
Tide station name
Distance from boat
Tide chart
Current time
Chosen date for display
Times on selected date.
Tide height cursor. Press
or to move cursor
up and down. Height of
Time cursor.
Press or to move
cursor sideways.
Time of cursor
Tide height at that time.
The tides display shows data for the chosen date:
Tide height
Time of day, 0 to 24 hrs
9 Waypoints
A waypoint is a position of interest that is saved
by the TRACKER, for example a fishing spot or
a point on a route. The TRACKER can have up
to 1000 waypoints. A waypoint can be created,
changed or deleted. A waypoint has:
A name (up to eight characters).
An icon showing what kind of waypoint it is.
The available icons are:
A position.
A type:
Normal: A normal waypoint can be
navigated to or included in a route.
Danger: A danger waypoint is a point
to avoid. If the boat comes within the
danger radius of a danger waypoint the
unit can sound an alarm.
(see section 13-7).
A display option:
Controls how the waypoint is displayed when
the Waypoints setup option is set to Selected
(see section 13-2):
Off: The waypoint is not displayed.
Icon: The waypoint icon is displayed.
I+N (Icon and Name): The waypoint icon
and name are displayed.
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