26 TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
12 About display
To go to the about display, press DISP and select
The about display shows:
The software version and date.
The world chart version.
Any card fitted.
The number of waypoints, routes and tracks
in the TRACKER.
Wiring information for the TRACKER
In the unlikely event of having to contact a
NAVMAN dealer for service, quote the software
version number and date.
Deleting a file from the user card
1 Select the fi le to delete.
2 Press MENU and select Delete.
3 Select Yes to confi rm.
Reading the file information
This reads the file names from the user card and
displays them. Reading does not load any file
data into the TRACKER.
1 Press MENU and select Card.
2 Select Read.
The TRACKER has a number of advanced
navigation features which are set up through the
setup menu. We recommend that you become
familiar with the operation of the unit using the
13 Setup menu
default settings before making any changes to
the data in these menus.
To display the setup menu, press MENU until the
setup menu is displayed.
Formatting the user card
Formatting prepares a user card for use. Format
the card if there is an error message saying that
the card is not formatted. Any data files on the
card are deleted.
1 Press MENU and select Card.
2 Select Format.
3 Select Yes to confi rm.
Sorting the file names
This sorts the displayed file names.
1 Press MENU and select Sort.
2 Select sort by Name, Type or Time.
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