TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
13-8 Units setup
Distance units
Options are nm (nautical miles), mi (statute miles)
or km (kilometres).
Speed units
Options are kn (knots), mph (miles per hour) or
kph (kilometres per hour).
Depth units
Options are ft (feet), fm (fathoms) or m (metres).
Fuel units
Options are litres, US gal (US gallons) or Imp gal
(Imperial gallons).
The options are °T (True north) or °M (Magnetic
Local offset
The difference between local time and UTC
(GMT). Change local offset when daylight saving
time starts and ends. The range is 0 to ± 13 hours,
in 30 minute steps.
13-10 Time setup
NMEA out
Disable or enable the NMEA output to an
autopilot or other instrument.
NMEA data
Displays a list of the NMEA sentences that can
be sent to an autopilot. Turn each Off or On as
Lat/lon dps
Select the number of decimal points used
for latitude and longitude transmitted in
NMEA sentences.
13-9 Comms setup
Off : NavBus is disabled. One of the NavBus
connector pins becomes a NMEA input line
(see sections 14 and 15-3).
On: NavBus is enabled.
NavBus group
Enter the NavBus backlight group number
(the range is 0 to 4, see section 14).
Time format
The options are 24 hour or 12 hour.
Date format
The options are dd/MMM/yy, MMM/dd/yy,
dd/MM/yy or MM/dd/yy.
Simulate mode is a way of becoming familiar
with the TRACKER (see section 2-6).
Warning: Never have simulate mode on
when the TRACKER is navigating on the water.
Turn simulate mode Off or On.
Press MENU and select simulate.
Select On or Off.
There are two choices for Mode:
13-11 Simulate setup
Simulates the boat moving from the selected
start point (see step 1 above) at the given
speed and heading. The options are:
Speed: The simulated boat speed to use.
Heading: The simulated bearing for the
boat to follow.
Tip: To calculate a heading, use the cursor
(see section 3-1-1).
Tip: As the boat moves, vary Heading to
simulate the boat moving off course.
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