TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
15 Installation
Correct installation is critical to the performance
of the unit. There are two components to install,
the TRACKER and a GPS antenna. In addition,
install the optional fuel kit to use the TRACKER as
a fuel computer.
The TRACKER can:
Drive external beepers or lights for the alarm.
Send and receive data from other NAVMAN
instruments connected via NavBus. The
backlight setting is shared (see section 14).
Send NMEA data to an autopilot or other
Accept and display NMEA data from a depth
The TRACKER can be wired for auto power so that
it automatically turns on and off with the boat
power and can not be turned on or off manually.
Wire auto power if the fuel option is installed, so
that the TRACKER records all the fuel that is used
(see section 15-3).
It is vital to read the entire installation section of
this manual and the documentation that comes
with the antenna and any other units before
starting installation.
15-1 What comes with the TRACKER
Standard configuration
TRACKER display unit, with a holder for plug-
in cards and blanking cap for fuel connector.
Dust cover for display unit.
Mounting bracket.
Flush mount kit (TRACKER 5430).
Power/data cable.
NAVMAN 1330 GPS antenna (TRACKER 5430
only; TRACKER 5430i has a built in GPS
Warranty card.
This Installation and Operation manual.
15-2 Options and accessories
C-MAP™ chart cards.
C-MAP™ user cards (3 V) for storing data.
(The older 5 volt cards are not supported).
Fuel kit for single or twin petrol/gasoline
If a fuel kit is installed, wire auto power on so
that the TRACKER is on all the time the engine
is on and no fuel consumption is missed (see
section 15-3).
If the NMEA 1 input on the fuel sensor
connector is used, then a NAVMAN special
fuel cable is required (see section 15-3).
Beepers with built-in drivers or lights.
The TRACKER output is switched to ground,
30 V DC and 200 mA maximum. If the
beepers and lights require more than 200
mA, fit a relay.
5 m (16 ft) extension cable for NAVMAN 1330
GPS antenna.
GPS or DGPS antenna (see section 7).
Second station kit. Allows a bracket mounted
TRACKER to be used at another place in the
boat (contains second mounting bracket and
REPEAT 3100 repeater.
NAVMAN carry bag.
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