TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
b The normal error in GPS position will exceed
10 m (33 ft) for about 5% of the time.
c Under special circumstances the US
Department of Defence may introduce a
deliberate and changing error in the GPS
positions of up to 300 m (1000 ft).
7 No DGPS fix or loss of DGPS fix:
a To receive a DGPS fix, WAAS/EGNOS must be
enabled or an optional DGPS antenna fitted
(see section 7).
b With WAAS/EGNOS: Boat out of coverage
area (see section 7).
c With WAAS: GPS antenna does not have
a clear view of the horizon towards the
d With beacon DGPS: boat out of range of a
DGPS beacon.
8 Can not see boat on chart:
Press ESC to switch to centre on boat mode
(see section 3-1-1).
9 The time or date on satellite display is
wrong or off:
a No GPS fix.
b In simulate mode. Turn simulate mode off
(see section 13-10).
c Local time offset is wrong (see section 13-9).
The Local Time Offset must be changed
when daylight saving time starts or ends.
10 Autopilot not responding to TRACKER; no
NMEA output:
a NMEA output disabled or the required NMEA
sentences are not turned on. Check NMEA
settings (see section 13-8).
b Check instrument connected correctly.
11 Depth not displayed:
a Set a data field to Depth in chart, highway or
data displays.
b Check depth sounder is working and
connected properly.
12 No fuel functions available:
a Fuel kit not installed.
b Fuel functions not enabled. Set Num Engines
to 1 or 2 (see section 13-4).
c Cables not connected or plugged into wrong
sockets in display unit. Match the plug
13 Fuel Used or Remaining seem wrong:
a The engine has been run while the TRACKER
is turned off and it has not recorded the fuel
use. Wire the auto power option (see section
b Fuel may be surging back and forward
through a transducer in rough seas. Try
installing a one way valve between the fuel
transducer and the fuel tank.
c Tank Full or Set Remaining has not been set
every refuelling.
d When refuelling, air pockets may have
prevented the tank filling completely.
e Fuel transducers wear out over time and
should be replaced every 5000 litres
(1316 US gallons) of fuel as a guide.
14 No or low fuel flow reading:
a Check the fuel cable connectors are securely
plugged in and the locking ring is locked in
b Clogged fuel transducer. To clean a
transducer, remove it from the line and gently
blow through it in the opposite direction
to the fuel flow. Fit a fuel filter before the
c Inspect the fuel cable(s) for damage.
d Dirty fuel filter.
e Fuel transducer has been exposed to
excessive heat or vibration.
15 Only one flow rate value shown for a twin
engine installation:
Set Num Engines to 2 (see section 13-4).
16 Erratic fuel flow readings:
a The fuel transducer must not be mounted too
close to the fuel pump(s) and not subject to
excess vibration.
b Check for air leaks in the fuel hose(s) or fuel
pick-up(s) in the tank(s).
c The Flow Filter has not been set to suit the
engine(s) (see section 13-4). Increase the
Flow Filter value until a steady flow rate is
17 TRACKER operates erratically or
Setup data incorrect. Reset to factory
defaults (see section 13-1).
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