TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
Navigation data
The boat is sailing from the start to the destination and has moved off the plotted course from the start
to the destination.
BRG Bearing to Destination Bearing to the destination from the boat.
+BRG Bearing to cursor Bearing to cursor from boat (cursor mode, see section 3-1-1).
CDI Course Deviation Indicator When the boat is navigating to a point, the chart and highway dis-
plays show a parallel line on either side of the plotted course. These
two lines are called the Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) lines. The
distance from the plotted course to a CDI line is the CDI scale.
Set the CDI scale (see section 13-2) to the maximum distance that the
boat should deviate from the plotted course. The chart and highway
displays show the CDI lines, which are like a highway over the water
where the boat will move. The displays show how far the boat has
deviated from the plotted course and if the boat is approaching a
CDI line. If the XTE alarm is enabled (see section 13-6) an alarm will
sound if the boat reaches a CDI line.
COG Course Over Ground Direction in which the boat is moving over the ground.
CTS Course To Steer Optimum course to steer to return to the plotted course.
DTG Distance To Go Distance from the boat to the destination.
ETA Expected Time of Arrival At the destination, assuming that SOG and COG remain constant.
+RNG Range to cursor Distance from boat to cursor (cursor mode, see section 3-1-1).
SOG Speed Over Ground Current boat speed over the ground. This is not necessarily the
same as the boat speed through the water nor the speed at which
it is approaching the destination.
STR Steering The diff erence between COG and CTS.
TTG Time To Go The estimated time to reach the destination.
XTE Cross Track Error The distance from the boat to the nearest point of the plotted course.
XTE may have a letter: R means steer to the right to return to the
plotted course, L means steer to the left.
VMG Velocity Made Good The speed at which the boat is approaching the destination.
SOG (speed) VMG (speed)
Boat position
DTG (distance)
CDI scale
CDI scale
CDI line
CDI line
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