TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
1-3 Removing and replacing the display unit
If the display unit is bracket mounted then the
display unit can easily be removed and replaced
for security or protection.
Removing the display unit:
1 Turn the TRACKER off by holding until the
display turns off.
2 Push the dust cover over the display unit.
3 Hold the display unit with one hand. Loosen
the knob on the mounting bracket and
carefully lift the unit off the mounting
4 The display unit has some cables plugged
into the back.
Unplug each black plug by turning the
locking collar a quarter turn anticlockwise
and pulling the plug out.
If there is a gold plug, unscrew the locking
collar anticlockwise and pull the plug out.
5 Push the attached dust covers over the
exposed ends of the plugs to protect them.
6 Store the display unit in a safe place, such
as the TRACKER carry case or the optional
NAVMAN carry bag.
Replacing the display unit
1 Remove the dust covers from the plugs. Plug
the black plugs into their sockets on the back
of the display unit:
Match the colour on the end of the plug to
the colour of the nut on the socket.
Hold the plug against the socket and rotate
the plug until it slides into the socket.
Lock the plug in place by pushing the locking
collar towards the socket and turning it a
quarter turn clockwise.
Nothing will be damaged if a cable is
plugged into the wrong socket by mistake.
2 If the unit has a gold plug:
Plug it into its socket on the back of the
display unit.
Hand tighten the locking collar clockwise -
do not overtighten.
3 Hold the display unit in place on the
mounting bracket shaft.
4 Adjust the tilt and rotation of the display for
best viewing and hand tighten the knob on
the mounting bracket. Remove the dust cover.
Changing the plug-in card
Warning: Keep the holder in place in the TRACKER at all times to prevent
moisture from entering card compartment.
Turn the TRACKER off (see section 2-1).
Pull the card holder out of the TRACKER and
pull any card out of holder.
Put the card in its case.
Push new card into holder. Ensure the
gold contacts are on the outer edge and
underneath (see above).
Keep the card’s case.
Push card holder fully into TRACKER
Gold contacts under here
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