TRACKER 5430/5430i Installation and Operation Manual
2-1 Turning on and off / auto power
Auto power
If the TRACKER is wired for auto power (see
section 15-3), then the TRACKER automatically
turns on and off with the boat power, and can
not be turned on or off manually.
Turning on manually
If the TRACKER is not wired for auto power, turn
the unit on by pressing .
After the TRACKER has been turned on:
1 The unit displays a title display for a few
seconds, then beeps again and displays a
navigation warning.
2 If necessary, adjust the display to be easy to
read (see section 2-3).
Read the warning and press ENT.
3 The satellite display is shown.
Either wait for the GPS receiver to start up
and the status to change from ‘acquiring’
to ‘GPS fix’ (see section 7).
Or press ESC.
4 The TRACKER chart is displayed (see section 3).
Turning off manually
If the TRACKER is not wired for auto power, turn
the unit off by holding down until the display
turns off.
After you have turned the TRACKER on, it shows
the satellite display until the GPS receiver gets a
GPS fix, then displays the Chart. The Chart is the
display that you will normally use for navigation.
2-2 The main displays
Fuel (fuel computer) Section 4
Waypoints Section 9
Tides (tide chart) Section 8
Satellite (GPS data) Section 7
Highway (boat path) Section 6
Data (numeric data) Section 5
User card Section 11
Routes Section 10
About Section 12
The main displays See:
Display menu
User card
Press ESC to
return to
chart display
To use one of the other main displays, press DISP
for the display menu and select a display to use.
To return to the chart display, press ESC.
Press DISP for
display menu
To select a display:
i press or to
highlight the display
ii press ENT to go to
the display
Chart (navigation) Section 3
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