NAVMAN FISH 4100 Installation and Operation Manual
Correct installation is critical to the performance of
the NAVMAN fishfinder. There are two components
to install, the display unit and the transducer. It is
5 Installation
vital to read the entire installation section of this
manual and the documentation that comes with the
transducer before attempting installation.
5-1 What comes with this NAVMAN fishfinder?
Optional transducers
· Through hull Speed/Temperature transducer.
· Through hull Depth transducer.
· In hull Depth transducer.
Other options and accessories
· Flush mounting kit.
· Replacement paddle wheel.
· Sun cover.
· Adapter cable for through hull transducer.
· Carry bag.
· Transducer extension cable (FISH 4150 only).
Depth Repeater
Repeater for Depth, Speed, Water Temperature,
Battery Voltage (for FISH 4150 only).
Please consult your NAVMAN dealer for more
Standard configuration
· FISH 4100 or FISH 4150 display unit.
· Power cable (the FISH 4100 power cable
incorporates the transducer cable).
· Mounting bracket.
· Warranty registration card.
· This manual.
· Transducer.
· Transducer Installation Manual.
· Screws.
5-2 Options and Accessories
Mounting the bracket
1. Select a position where the display head will be:
· at least 100 mm (4 in) away from the
· at least 300 mm (12 in) away from any
radio transmitter.
· at least 1.2 m (4 ft) away from any antenna.
· easy to read by the helmsman and crew
while underway.
· protected from physical damage during
rough sea passages.
· easy to access the 12 volt power source.
· convenient to route the transducer cables.
2. Fix the mounting bracket onto the boat using
the three stainless steel screws. Do not
overtighten the screws, as the bracket may not
5-3 Mounting the NAVMAN Fishfinder Display Unit
3. Push the display unit onto the mounting
bracket and tighten it firmly using the knob on
the mounting bracket.
4. Attach the cables.
Note: There is also an optional flush mount kit
available. Please consult your NAVMAN dealer for
Removing the NAVMAN fishfinder
The NAVMAN fishfinder can be removed after each
use for protection against the environment or security
When removing the NAVMAN fishfinder, ensure that
the plugs left in the boat are not exposed to the
elements. Push the attached dust covers over the
exposed ends of the plugs. Keep the display unit in
a dry clean place such as the optional NAVMAN
carry bag.
Power cable
(FISH 4150 only)
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