How do I charge the battery?
Your Navman has an internal battery that when fully charged, should provide power for up to 2 hours. The
battery can take up to 4 hours to fully charge.
The battery may not be fully charged when you use your Navman for the first time.
CAUTION: For optimal performance of the battery, note the following:
Do not charge the battery when the temperature is high (e.g. in direct sunlight).
There is no need to fully discharge the battery before charging.
When leaving your Navman for long periods, slide the power switch to the RESET position to save
internal battery power.
Fully charging the battery once per month will help the device retain GPS fix.
How do I charge the battery in a vehicle?
To charge your Navman in a vehicle, plug the in-car charger into on the bottom of your Navman and the
other end into the vehicle power socket.
How do I charge the battery via my computer?
For optimal charging results, ensure that your Navman is turned off while connected to your computer.
1. Turn on your computer.
2. Plug the large end of the USB cable directly into a USB port on your computer (not a USB hub) and plug
the small end into on the bottom of your Navman.
CAUTION: When your Navman is turned on and connected to a computer, it is recognised as an external
mass-storage device. Do NOT delete any files that are pre-installed on your Navman. Deleting the files can
cause your Navman to crash
How do I charge the battery at home or work?
You can use an optional home charger to charge the battery.
To charge your Navman using a mains power socket, plug the home charger cable into on the bottom of
your Navman and the mains power charger into the power socket.
The home charger is not included with all models and may be purchased separately (see
www.navman.com for details).
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