How do I get started?
The first time you use your Navman it may take several minutes to establish a GPS connection.
How do I turn my Navman on for the first time?
To get started for the first time, complete the following steps:
1. Read the Important Safety Information
2. Position your Navman in your vehicle
Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide.
CAUTION Ensure that your Navman does not obstruct the driver's view, or interfere with the
operation of the vehicle airbags and safety devices.
3. Turn your Navman on
Your Navman will turn on and display the Language screen.
4. Select your preferred language
From the Select Language screen, tap your preferred language.
You can change your preferred language while using your Navman.
5. Read the warning message
The Safety Agreement screen will display after you have selected your preferred language. Read the Safety
Agreement message. To confirm that you have read and understood the message, tap Accept.
Due to legal requirements this Agreement must always be selected. It cannot be turned off.
6. Customise the device
Follow the onscreen instructions to select your preferred distance unit, date format, and time format.
7. Unlock your Navman
Depending on your model, you may need to enter a Product Key (which is printed on the side of the box)
and then tap OK to unlock the device. You will only have to do this the first time you use your Navman.
It is recommended that you keep a copy of the Product Key in a safe place.
8. Set up Home
The Home setup wizard only appears on the first time you start your Navman.
Tap OK to set up your home immediately using the address-entry wizard.
You can tap Cancel to skip the wizard, and then select your home later in MY PLACES.
When you have finished the steps above, the Main Menu screen will display. If you have a GPS fix, you can start
to use Navman to plan your trip.
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