Main Menu
The Main Menu is your starting point for searching for a destination. The Main Menu also allows you to
customise your Navman, view saved locations as My Place/Home, and search for POIs nearby.
Search for places, areas and streets to help plan your route.
Display the Map screen.
Access your saved locations.
Configure your Navman to enhance your navigation experience.
Search for Points of Interest nearby.
How do I navigate through the menu screens?
How do I use the BACK button and MAIN MENU button in the title bar?
1. On the Main Menu screen, tap the desired menu button to enter the menu screen.
For example, tapping will lead you to the FIND main screen.
2. The system provides the BACK button ( ) and MAIN MENU button ( ) in the title bar of the
menu screen, which allow you to navigate through the menu screens easily. You can:
Return to the previous screen by tapping the BACK button.
Return to the Main Menu by tapping the MAIN MENU button.
In some menu screens, such as the Keyboard screen, the MAIN MENU button will not appear in the title
bar. In this instance, you may have to tap the BACK button twice.
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