How do I go from A-B?
Your Navman is equipped with maps that provide street-level detail for door-to-door navigation, including
Points of Interest such as accommodation, parking areas, petrol stations, railway stations and airports.
When you ... Then ...
need to search for an address tap then select Address to search for the address.
want to search all information on the
device - city, streets, named sites,
features, landmarks or venues
tap then select By Keyword.
search for a Point of Interest tap then select Points of Interest to search for a POI.
want to navigate to a recently visited
location tap then select the Recent Locations tab ( ).
WARNING For your safety, enter destination information before you start a journey. Do not enter a
destination while driving.
How do I plan my first trip?
Using your Navman to plan your first trip is easy. There are several ways to select your destination. Complete
the following to navigate to a street address that you know using the FIND address wizard.
This process will require you to enter Suburb, then Street, then Street Number.
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