Complete the following:
If you want to ... Then ...
calculate the route and start
The Map screen will display.
save the location as a favourite tap
The location will be saved in My Places immediately.
save the location as Home tap Æ
The Edit screen will display.
tap Save as Home.
explore the map tap Show on map.
How do I preview the destination on map?
After searching an address (or a POI), you can preview the destination on map to explore the area near the
location. On the Destination screen, tap the Show on map button to display the destination preview map as
How do I explore the map?
On the destination preview map, you can:
Tap the / button to zoom in/out the map.
View the information of your destination that is shown at the top of the map screen.
Tap on a street/area/POI to display the related information of the location near your destination.
The information of the selected street/area/POI near your destination will be displayed with a check mark.
Tapping the check mark will bring up the Destination screen of the selected location.
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