How do I receive current traffic
information via TMC?
Traffic information is available via an optional accessory.
Your Navman can receive current traffic information for all main roads and motorways, enabling you to avoid
potential delays on your route. Event messages and traffic icons will display as they occur. If an event message
obscures your current location, the map will adjust to display both the message and your location.
How does my Navman receive traffic information?
Depending on your model, you may receive current traffic information on your Navman using the built-in TMC
receiver or via the Navman traffic accessory kit. The traffic accessory kit may be sold separately.
The Traffic Message Channel (TMC) broadcasts real-time traffic information via the FM Radio Data System
(RDS). FM radio stations transmit TMC data on a cycle of several minutes, with hundreds of events able to be
broadcast to TMC receivers.
You have to pay for TMC service in some models and in some countries.
How will I know when a Traffic Event occurs?
When travelling through an area in which you can receive traffic updates, your Navman will decode these
events and display them on-screen. An icon will display at the event location on the map screens, and an
audible warning is given if an event is on your route. Where an event spans a specific distance, the road will be
highlighted and arrows will indicate the direction affected.
A message will display at the bottom of the screen with the road name, the section of road affected and the
type of event that has occurred. The message remains on screen for 8 seconds and is added to the Event List.
Traffic Overview screen
Depending on your Navman model, traffic information may not be available, may require a subscription, or
may require the Traffic Accessory Kit (may be sold separately).
When you see the traffic event message on your driving map screen, you can open the Traffic Overview screen
to display a general overview of the traffic situation on your route, including all events in the immediate
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