How do I view traffic details?
From the Event list screen, tap the event you want to view. The Event Details screen will display.
Item Description
n Tap to return to the previous screen.
o Event icon and
Displays details of the Event, including:
Name of road and direction in which Event is taking place.
Location of where Event begins and ends.
o > indicates an Event from a location, to a location.
o < > indicates an Event between locations.
Type of Event.
p Avoid Tap to initiate a new route to avoid the event.
Only available if a detour or re-route is available.
The Unavoid Area button is displayed when a re-route has been
q Detour information Displays details of detour recommendation, if any.
How do I know if a detour is recommended?
When a Traffic or Clearance event occurs on your route, a detour will often be recommended. The detour event
message will display in the status bar on map screens.
Detours are only recommended for Traffic or Clearance Events on a calculated route.
How do I avoid an event on my route?
1. From the Event List screen, tap the event.
The Event Details screen will display.
2. If a detour has been calculated to avoid an event on your route, Avoid is available; tap to accept the new
route and avoid the event.
The Map screen will display.
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