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Occasionally, the GPS fix may need to be reset. This may
occur if the receiver has been transported a long distance since last
being used; for example, to a different country, and is still trying to
establish the previous position.
record a GPS log of your trip tap the GPS logging option to turn it On or Off.
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Complete the following:
If you want to ... Then ...
enable a shop demonstration of
Navman Spirit to be played
select a demonstration country from the list and tap Start.
Tap OK. Your Navman will restart.
When your Navman is in Shop demo mode, you will see the
navigation demonstration of the pre-defined route without having
to set a destination.
You cannot operate your Navman properly in Shop demo
enable the screen saver feature on
your Navman
tap Screen Saver Video.
When your Navman is idle for 10/30/60 minutes, the screen saver
will display.
The screen saver will only display if your Navman is connected
to a power supply.
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