My Maps
My Maps allows you to install new maps, remove maps from your Navman and purchase new maps.
NavDesk Æ My Maps
Click View Installed Maps.
Component Description
n Map Source A list of maps on the DVD or available for purchase via the Navman Store
o Continent A drop down list of continents that have maps available for your Navman.
p My Navman A list of maps installed on your Navman.
q Install map Click to install the selected map in the Map Source list to you Navman.
r Remove map Click to remove the selected map from your Navman.
Occasionally Navman will offer you free map updates. If a free map update is available and your Navman is
connected to your computer, a message will display when you first start NavDesk.
How do I download a map update immediately?
1. Select the map updates that you would like to download, then click Download.
2. Navigate to your Loadable Maps location and save the files.
The default Loadable Maps location is the My Maps folder in your Documents folder. You can change the
location by clicking the Change Path button.
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