How do I download a map update at a later time?
1. Click Close to close the Free Map Updates window.
2. When you are ready to download the map update, click My Maps.
A list of available map updates will be displayed under Free to download in the Available Downloads
The Latest Map Guarantee must be used within 30 from the first date you use your Navman.
3. Select the map update that you would like to download, then click Yes.
4. Navigate to your Loadable Maps location and save the files.
The default Loadable Maps location is the My Maps folder in your Documents folder. You can change the
location by clicking the Change Path button.
How do I install a map update that I have downloaded?
1. Click My Maps.
A list of downloaded map updates will be displayed in the Loadable Maps section.
2. Click Open next to the map update that you would like to install.
The globe will display. The free maps that you downloaded are yellow.
3. Click the map you want to install to your Navman.
The map will change colour to a brighter yellow to indicate it has been selected.
To deselect a map, click the map again.
You may need to install multiple maps to cover the required geographical area.
4. Select the destination media for the selected map, then click Transfer Now.
The selected map will be installed and change colour to green.
5. To use your Navman, disconnect the USB cable.
WARNING: Do not disconnect the USB cable from the Navman USB Socket until the Globe
has refreshed, and the installed map or maps have changed colour to green.
How do I install maps onto my Navman?
Your Navman comes with one or more pre-activated maps.
You can install maps from the DVD that came with your Navman or one that you have purchased separately to
a memory card or your Navman internal memory; however you may need to purchase a Map Product Key to
activate maps on the DVD that came with your Navman.
1. Open NavDesk, if it is not already open:
Start Æ All Programs Æ Navman Æ NavDesk
2. Click My Maps.
The My Maps application will display.
3. Insert a Map DVD into your computer DVD drive.
The maps already installed on your Navman are green.
The maps that are unlocked and ready to be installed to your Navman are yellow.
The maps that require activation before being installed to your Navman are red.
The maps that are available for purchase from Navman are blue.
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