If your computer opens Windows Explorer when the DVD is inserted, close the Windows Explorer
4. Complete the following:
If the map to be installed is ... Then ...
yellow go to step 7.
red the map needs to be activated via the Internet before it
can be installed; continue to step 5.
5. If you connect to the Internet via a dial-up connection, connect to the Internet now.
6. Follow the prompts to activate your Map Product Key, including:
Enter the Map Product Key when prompted.
Your computer will connect to the Internet and activate your Map Product Key.
When activation has completed, the map will change colour to yellow; continue to step 7.
7. Click the map you want to install to your Navman.
The map will change colour to a brighter yellow to indicate it has been selected.
To deselect a map, click the map again.
You may need to install multiple maps to cover the required geographical area.
8. Complete the following:
If you want to ... Then ...
install a yellow map go back to step 7.
install a red map the map needs to be activated via the Internet before it can
be installed; go back to step 5.
install the selected maps to your
continue to step 9.
9. Select the destination media (Navman internal memory) for the selected maps, then click Transfer Now.
The selected maps will be installed and change colour to green.
10. To use your Navman, disconnect the USB cable. You may need to manually reset your Navman.
WARNING: Do not disconnect the USB cable from the Navman USB Socket until the Globe
has refreshed, and the installed map or maps have changed colour to green.
How do I remove maps from my Navman?
1. Click My Maps.
The My Maps application will display.
2. From the My Navman panel, select the check box next to the map you want to remove.
3. Click Remove Maps to remove the selected maps.
4. Confirm that you want to remove the selected map when prompted.
The map is removed from your Navman.
You can reinstall these maps at any time via NavDesk.
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