My Extras
Subscription information is available in selected models and countries only.
Your Navman contains pre-loaded subscriptions, such as safety camera and travel book information. For the
latest subscription updates, visit: www.navman.com.
NavDesk Æ My Extras
Safety Camera alerts can be set to enable a warning sound or visual warning when on your route.
How do I purchase a subscription?
1. Select a type of subscription.
A list of regions will display.
2. Select a region.
A list of available subscriptions will display.
3. Select a subscription or offer, then click Purchase an activation key from the Navman store.
The Navman Store website will open.
4. Follow the prompts to purchase your subscription.
A product key will be sent to you via email when you have subscribed. You will need to use this product key to
activate your subscription.
How do I activate my subscription?
NavDesk Æ Unlock Features
1. Enter your product key.
2. Follow the prompts to activate your subscription.
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