iCN 7 0 0 serie s | Reference
Tu t o r i al
The Tutorial displays when you turn your iCN on, unless you have cleared the Show on start-up check box.
You can view the Tutorial at any other time:
    
To prevent the Tutorial from displaying again on startup, tap the Show on start-up check box to clear it.
To move forward through the Tutorial screens, tap .
To revisit the previous screen, tap .
When you have finished the Tutorial, the Preferences menu will display.
System Preferences
You can enhance your navigation experience by modifying aspects of the way that your iCN functions.
The System Preferences menu is shown below, and is accessed by tapping on the Preferences menu.
Element Description
Options to control the screen brightness and touch screen alignment.
An option to reset the GPS signal.
Options to control the way that power to the unit is used; for example, the time to elapse
before the unit is automatically turned off.
Options to control the language used on your iCN, and voice guidance.
Options to delete saved information.
Options to control what is displayed when your iCN is turned on.
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