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Screen Display
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For further information, see "Screen Display" on page 106.
GPS Status
Signals are transmitted by Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites orbiting the Earth. The GPS Status screen
provides a visual representation of the information being received.
Latitude and longitude are displayed, along with ground speed, the heading in degrees and a north-pointing
compass. The strength of each satellite is displayed on a bar chart.
For more information on GPS, see "How do I navigate with GPS?" on page 22.
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The satellites available from your current position are shown as grey, red and green coloured bars:
Bar Colour Description
Grey No signal at all
Red A valid signal, but not being used to fix your position
Green A valid signal being used to fix your position
Resetting your GPS fix
On occasion, the GPS fix may need to be reset. This may occur if the receiver has been transported a large distance
since last being used; for example, to a different country, and is still trying to establish the previous position.
Complete the following:
If you want to... Then...
reset the GPS tap Reset GPS.
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