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Map Display
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Complete the following:
If you want to... Then...
change the color scheme select your preferred scheme from the Map Colour Scheme box.
improve screen contrast in light or
dark conditions select either the Day hues or the Night hues option.
enable automatic zooming during
navigation select the Auto-zoom on Main Map screens check box. If selected,
the 3D Map and 2D Map screens will automatically zoom in or out,
depending on your speed, to allow optimal route-viewing.
display North at the top of the 2D
Map screen select the Keep North at top of 2D Map screen check box.
display “no entry” icons on “no
entry” roads on the 2D Map and
3D Map screens
select the Show no-entry road signs check box.
Your preferences are automatically saved.
Tap to return to the previous screen.
Measurem ents
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