iCN 7 0 0 serie s | Reference
Complete the following:
If you want to... Then...
change the Position Format select either the Decimal degrees or the Degrees, minutes and
seconds option.
change the local time offset select either the 12 hour or 24 hour option for time-format.
change the distance units2 select your preferred distance units measurement from the Distance
Units box.
Your preferences are automatically saved.
Tap to return to the previous screen.
POI Preferences
You can enhance your navigation experience by modifying aspects of the way that your iCN displays and manages
The POI Menu is shown below, and is accessed by tapping on the Preferences menu.
Element Description
Options to to set warning chimes and visual warnings for custom POI categories that will
activate within a chosen distance-radius of your location.
Options to control the display of POIs on your iCN.
Options to search for a POI by name.
Options to search for a POI in a distance-radius of your location.
2 Only available when UK English, AU English or US English language is selected.
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