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Internal battery
The iCN has an internal battery that, when fully charged, should power the iCN for up to 2.5 hours.
The battery indicator light on the front of the iCN indicates the level of internal battery charge:
Green - battery full
Red - battery low
Orange - battery charging
How do I m onitor the battery status?
You can monitor battery power status at the Power screen. For more information, see "Power" on page 103.
How do I charge the internal battery?
The Battery Status bar displays Charging while the battery is under charge; when the battery is fully charged, the
Battery Status bar will display at 100%.
To charge the iCN in a vehicle, plug the vehicle power adaptor into on the side of the iCN and the other end
into the vehicle power socket.
To charge the iCN using an electrical wall outlet, plug the AC power cable into on the side of the iCN and the
AC power pack into the wall outlet.
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