iCN 7 0 0 serie s | How do I get started?
How do I turn my iCN off?
To turn your iCN off, press .
Your iCN will enter a suspended state and the screen will turn off. When you turn your iCN on again, it will return to
the screen you were last viewing.
Power-saving suspended state
To save power, your iCN will automatically enter a suspended state after a pre-determined period of time. You can
change the default suspended state setting at the Power preference screen. For more information, see "Power" on
page 103.
If battery power is very low, your iCN will enter a suspended state whether you have set a pre-determined period of
time or not.
If you are not going to be using your iCN for an extended period of time, switch the BATTERY switch to OFF to save
battery power.
How do I reset my iCN?
Normally you do not need to reset your iCN; however, should your iCN not turn on or not respond, you can reset it to
solve the problem.
To reset your iCN, press the white RESET button on the bottom of your iCN. Your iCN will restart.
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