iCN 7 0 0 serie s | What are the m ain screens that I will use?
What are the main
screens that I will use?
Map screens
There are four map screens used to view the route to your destination:
3D Map
2D Map
Next Turn
Direction List
To display the 3D Map screen, or the map screen that you were last viewing, press ; press again to cycle through
the map screens.
For more information on the map screens, see "How do I view my route?" on page 43.
For information on using the Map menu from the 3D Map and 2D Map screens, see "How do I use the Map
Menu?" on page 71.
Main Menu screen
The Main Menu screen provides access to all of the iCN's navigation functions.
To access the Main Menu at any time, press ; to select a Main Menu option, tap the required icon.
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