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How do I navigate with
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is available at any time, free of charge, and is accurate to within 5m (15ft).
GPS navigation is made possible by a network of satellites that orbit the Earth at around 20,200km. Each satellite
transmits a range of signals which are utilized by GPS receivers, such as your iCN, to determine an exact location.
Although a GPS receiver can detect signals from up to 12 satellites at any time, only four signals are required to
provide a position or "GPS fix" (latitude and longitude), for vehicle navigation systems.
Your iCN receives GPS signals via the GPS antenna. To guarantee the optimum GPS signal strength, ensure your
iCN is outdoors, or in a vehicle outdoors and the GPS antenna has an unobstructed view of the sky. Your iCN can
operate in all weather types except snowfall.
You can view your GPS status at any time from the map screens or the camera screens. The GPS icon displays
green when a GPS fix is established and red when a GPS fix is unavailable. To indicate the reception strength of a
GPS fix, displays between one and four green quadrants.
To see your GPS status in more detail, see "GPS Status" on page 102.
For more GPS information, see the GPS Navigation - Frequently Asked Questions guide.
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