iCN 7 0 0 serie s | How do I go from A to B?
How do I create a trip with
multiple stops?
You can use the Multi-stop Trip Planner screen to set multiple waypoints for your trip. Your route will be calculated to
go via each of these points in the specified order.
Waypoints can be added via the Multi-stop Trip Planner screen or by selecting Location from the pop-up Map menu
on the 2D Map or 3D Map screen, then Add to Trip. You can save up to 200 multi-stop trips, each with up to 15
Waypoints added, updated or deleted after a multi-stop trip has commenced will not affect the current route.
Quick Steps
1. Start your Multi-stop Trip
2. Select the country and state
3. Search for the city/area
4. Search for the street
5. Search for the house number
6. Tap Go.
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