iCN 7 0 0 serie s | How do I view m y route?
3D Map screen
The 3D Map screen is oriented to your travelling direction.
To view the 3D Map screen when a route has been calculated, press to cycle through the screens.
Tap and drag the screen, to move across the map.
Tap and hold the map, to view Map menu. For more information, see "How do I use the Map Menu?" on
page 71.
Item Description
Direction of next turn The direction of your next turn.
To repeat the voice prompt of your next turn, tap the turn arrow.
Distance to next turn The distance to your next turn.
Next instruction The direction and name of the street to turn in to.
When you cycle through the Information options, a function description
will display briefly at the top of the screen.
Next turn arrow Your next turn is highlighted in a different colour from future turns.
The default colour of your next turn is green, but will depend on the
colour theme you are using.
Current position Your current position is marked with .
Status bar Displays one of the following:
The name of the street you are located on
Speed warnings
Active POIs.
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