iCN 7 0 0 serie s | How do I view m y route?
Item Description
Information Displays one of the following options:
km/h or mph (Speed)
TTG (Time to Go)
DTG (Distance to Go)
ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).
Tap to cycle through the options.
During a Multi-trip journey, Time to Go, Distance to Go and ETA will
appear as: Time to Waypoint, Distance to Waypoint and ETA at
Route Your current route is highlighted.
Cancel route Cancels your current route.
Next turn arrow Your next turn is highlighted in a different colour to future turns.
The default colour of your next turn is green, but will depend on the
colour theme you are using.
Zoom To view zoom options, tap .
To display a smaller area in greater detail, tap or scroll
To display a larger area in less detail, tap or scroll up.
Compass and GPS
Information Displays one of the following options:
Green Quadrants - A valid GPS signal is being used to fix your
position; displays between one and four quadrants to indicate
the strength of the signal.
Red Circle - No signal.
Compass heading.
Tap to cycle through the options; tap and hold to display the GPS
Status screen.
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