iCN 7 0 0 serie s | How do I view m y route?
Next Turn screen
The Next Turn screen displays information that you need for the next turn, the direction of the turn and the distance
to the turn. A route must first have been calculated, for this screen to be available.
To view the Next Turn screen when a route has been calculated, press to cycle through the screens.
Item Description
Next instruction The direction and name of the street to turn in to.
When you cycle through the Information options, a function description
will display briefly at the top of the screen.
Direction of next turn The direction of your next turn.
Scale bar Displays map scale.
Distance to next turn The distance to your next turn.
Status Bar Displays one of the following:
The name of the street you are located on
Speed warnings
Active POIs.
Information Displays one of the following options:
km/h or mph (Speed)
TTG (Time to Go)
DTG (Distance to Go)
ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).
Tap to cycle through the options.
During a Multi-trip journey, Time to Go, Distance to Go and ETA will
appear as: Time to Waypoint, Distance to Waypoint and ETA at
Cancel Route Cancels your current route.
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