iCN 7 0 0 serie s | How do I use the cam era?
How do I view the Camera
The Camera screen allows you to take photos and access the camera preferences.
To view the Camera screen, press on top of the iCN.
You can also access the Camera screen from the Main Menu; tap .
Pressing will not take a photo until you are already in the Camera screen.
Element Description
Captures the photo.
Displays the Album screen.
Returns you to the screen you last viewed.
Viewfinder Allows you to frame the image within the Viewfinder.
Displays the current lighting setting.
Tap to view lighting options.
Displays the brightness setting.
Tap to view brightness options.
Indicates if GPS information is available.
When the Camera screen is displayed, all buttons on the iCN except become inactive. This ensures you remain
in the Camera screen, even if other buttons are pressed accidentally.
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