iCN 7 0 0 serie s | How do I use the cam era?
How do I navigate to a photo
To navigate to a photo location, a GPS fix must have been available when the photo was taken.
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1. From the Album screen, tap a photo.
The Photo Details screen will display.
2. From the Photo Details screen, tap Go to.
The Destination Preview screen will display.
3. Complete the following:
If you want to ... Then ...
navigate to your destination tap Go, the 3D Map screen will display your route.
customise your route preferences tap Preferences, the Route Preference screen will display.
view your destination details tap Details, the Destination Details screen will display.
save a photo as a Favorite or as My Home tap Save, the New Favorite screen will display.
tap .
The Keyboard screen will display. Enter a name for your
Favorite or My Home, then tap OK.
to create a new My Home destination, tap Save as
Home; to create a new Favorite destination, tap Save
as Favourite.
Photos can only be saved as destinations if the GPS co-
ordinate information was available when the photo was taken.
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