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If you want to ... Then ...
change your destination press .
The Recent Locations screen will display.
How do I use the Map Menu?
The Map Menu allows you to access navigational functions from the 3D Map and 2D Map screen.
Displaying the Map Menu
1. Tap to display the 3D Map or 2D Map screen.
2. Tap and drag to move around the map to your selected location.
3. Either tap and hold the cross-hairs to select that location, or tap and hold elsewhere on the map.
The Map Menu will display.
Map Menu options
The following options are available via the Map Menu:
Menu Option Description
Navigate To Calculates a route from your current location, once your current location
is determined.
Show Details Only available when the selected location is near a road.
Displays the Location Details screen from which you can:
View details of the location
Add the location to your multi-stop trip
Save the location as a favorite
Access and edit your route preferences
Navigate to the location.
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