iCN 7 0 0 serie s | What else can I do?
2. Select a destination point
Set a destination either by using the address entry wizard or by using the Maps (see below):
a) Locate your destination.
b) Tap and hold your destination to display the Map menu.
c) Select Navigate To.
The Map menu will close and the map screen will display the calculated route.
3. Demonstrate the route
Once the route has been determined, you can demonstrate the route by completing the following:
a) Tap and hold the Map screen to display the Map menu.
b) Select Route.
The Route submenu will display.
c) Select Demonstrate.
The 3D Map screen will display the calculated route in Route Demonstration mode.
If you have selected the Loop demonstrations check box on the Demonstration and Logging
preferences screen, the Route Demonstration will continue to repeat the route.
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