iCN 7 0 0 serie s | What is SmartST Desktop?
Can I use Smart Desktop with my
com puter?
Ensure you have the following minimum system requirements before installing Smart Desktop:
IBM compatible PC,
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or XP SP1 (NT not supported),
Internet Explorer 6 or higher,
CD drive,
USB port,
Internet connection for registration.
You must install Smart Desktop from the Application Installer CD onto your computer hard drive; you cannot
run Smart Desktop from the CD.
What is Microsoft ActiveSync®?
Microsoft ActiveSync is used to establish a connection between your iCN and your computer. ActiveSync
3.7.1 will be installed on your computer (if a later version of ActiveSync is not already installed) as part of the
installation of Smart Desktop.
After it is installed, ActiveSync will run in the Windows System Tray/Notification Area when you start
Windows. ActiveSync will activate when your iCN is connected to your computer.
For more information on ActiveSync, search for "ActiveSync" at www.microsoft.com.
How do I install a map for the first
tim e?
The most common task performed using Smart Desktop is the installation of a new map to your iCN
internal memory or memory card. Complete the following procedures:
Step Action
1 Install Smart Desktop on your computer, see "How do I install Smart Desktop on my
computer?" on page 80.
2 Check for software updates for Smart on your iCN, see "How do I keep Smart up-to-
date?" on page 84.
3 Install one or more maps on your iCN, see "How do I install maps on my iCN?" on page 85.
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