iCN 7 0 0 serie s | What is SmartST Desktop?
Element Description
Menu bar Menus that provide access to Smart Desktop functionality.
Toolbars There are three toolbars:
To display toolbars that are not on by default, select Toolbars on the
View menu.
For more information, see "Toolbars" on page 83.
Add Maps and
View/Remove Maps
Follow the steps on the Add Maps tab to install maps to your iCN,
memory card, or memory card via a memory card reader. For more
information, see "How do I install maps on my iCN?" on page 85.
Follow the steps on the View/Remove Maps tab to remove installed
maps from your iCN, memory card, or memory card via a memory card
Check for updates/
Update available Click to check online for software updates or download software
Globe A map of the world indicating the maps:
on the current CD,
on a CD that came with the current CD,
installed on your iCN or memory card, or
available from Navman.
Map Information The following information will display when you point to a map:
Map name
File size (if the map is on the inserted CD or a CD in the same
Map status
Latitude Longitude co-ordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds
Local time offset UTC
To display the Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates and UTC offset, click
Map Colour Key A key for defining the different colours of the maps.
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