iCN 7 0 0 serie s | What is SmartST Desktop?
How do I install m aps on my
Your iCN comes with one or more pre-activated maps.
You can install maps from the enclosed CDs to memory card or your iCN internal hard drive; however you may first
need to purchase a Map Product Key to activate the maps. For detailed information on your model of iCN and
whether you require a Map Product Key, see "Which maps are already installed on my iCN?" on page 111.
How do I use preactivated m emory cards?
Preactivated maps are also available for purchase separately on memory card. To use a preactivated memory card,
insert the card in the Memory Card slot and Drive-Away™. For more information, see "How do I use a memory card
with my iCN?" on page 112.
Which map should I install?
If you are not sure which map contains the town or city that you want to install, you can use the Find City window to
identify the correct map. For more information, see "How do I know which map contains a particular city or town?" on
page 88.
How do I install m aps from CD?
1. Open Smart Desktop, if it is not already open:
Start > All Programs > Navman > SmartST Desktop 2006
2. Insert a Smart Map CD into your computer CD drive.
The preactivated maps that are ready to be installed to your iCN are light green.
The maps on the CD that require activation before being installed to your iCN are light blue.
If your computer opens Windows Explorer when the CD is inserted, close the Windows Explorer window.
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