iCN 7 0 0 serie s | How do I inst all Custom Points of I nt erest?
How do I create a Custom POI file?
Complete the following steps to create or edit a custom POI file containing the latitude and longitude of individual
POIs. The file will be saved on your computer in .csv (Comma Separated Values) format.
When you have finished creating or editing the file, you can copy it to your iCN. For more information, see "How do I
copy a Custom POI file to my iCN?" on page 92.
Map Points of Interest
1. Complete one of the following:
If you want to ... Then ...
create a new POI file Click .
The POI File Name window will open.
Type a name for the file in the File Name box, then click
The file name will be used as both the name of the CSV
file and the category name.
The file name cannot include spaces.
The category name will consist of the first 8 characters.
open an existing POI file Click .
The Open dialogue box will open.
Select the POI file from your local or network drive, then
click Open.
The POIs contained in the POI file are listed.
2. Complete the following to add or edit a POI:
a) On the Edit menu, click New to create a new POI, or Modify to edit the selected POI.
The POI Details window will open.
b) Type a description for the POI in the Description box.
c) Complete one of the following:
If you know ... Then ...
the degrees, minutes and seconds of the
POI on the Degrees, Minutes, Seconds tab, type or select the
degree, minute and second of the POI latitude in the Latitude
boxes and the POI longitude in the Longitude boxes.
Select N, S, E or W to designate the hemisphere of the co-
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