Smart V 3.0 | User Manual for Palm OS® 5
7. Main Menu Screen
The Main Menu screen gives you access to all of Smart’s functions, including navigating to a destination.
1. From the Map screen, tap to open the Main Menu screen.
2. Tap , to display more Main Menu options.
8. GPS Status
Signals are transmitted by Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites orbiting the Earth. This screen provides a visual
representation of the information being received. Latitude and longitude are displayed, along with a North-pointing
compass, the heading in degrees and ground speed. Satellites available are shown as segments.
From the Main Menu, tap GPS Status. The GPS Status screen will display:
Yellow Segment - a satellite is being tracked but is not being used
Red Segment - a satellite is being used to determine a two-dimensional (2D) position fix.
Green Segment - a satellite is being used to determine a three-dimensional (3D) position fix.
The circle under the satellite segments is green when there is a valid fix (2D or 3D) and red when there is no fix.
While a 2D fix is sufficient to maintain a valid fix, a 3D fix is more accurate.
Latitude and longitude of current
Tap to toggle the units displayed
between degrees, minutes
and decimal seconds; decimal
degrees; degrees and decimal
Each segment represents a satellite
Type of fix
A green circle indicates the GPS
Receiver has a valid fix;
A red circle indicates no valid fix
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
and date
Number of satellites used in GPS fix
North-pointing compass
Ground speed
Indicates whether the COM port is open
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