Smart V 3.0 | User Manual for Palm OS® 5
11. Viewing your Route
Once a route has been calculated, there are several ways to view it. Cycle through the screens by tapping .
Map Screen
The Map screen is always oriented North, and shows your current position and surrounding street names. If the
route has been calculated, the route and all turns are highlighted.
• To view the Map screen, either tap to cycle through the screens until the Map screen is displayed, or tap Map
on the Main Menu.
• Zoom in and out by tapping to zoom in and to zoom out.
• Navigate around the map by dragging the stylus across the screen.
• Tap and hold to access the Map pop-up menu.
Your current position
is marked with .
Your next turn is highlighted
in a different colour to future
turns. The colour will depend
on the theme you are using.
Your current location.
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