Smart V 3.0 | User Manual for Palm OS® 5
Turn List Screen
The Turn List screen displays a list of the remaining turns to your destination with the direction of the turn, the street
name and the distance to the turn. Each distance shown in the right-hand column represents the distance from your
current location to that turn. The next turn is highlighted.
To view the Turn List screen tap Turn List on the Main Menu.
Viewing the Route Summary
A summary of the calculated route can be displayed on the Map or 3D Map screen.
The route summary includes:
• Departure street.
• Destination street.
• Distance of route.
• Time to go to destination (TTG).
• Distance to go to destination (DTG).
• Percentage of route completed (measured by distance).
To display the route summary:
1. Tap and hold the Map or 3D Map screen.
2. Select Route Summary from the Map pop-up menu. The route summary will display.
Direction of turn
Distance to turn
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