Smart V 3.0 | User Manual for Palm OS® 5
12. Map Screen Pop-up Menu
The pop-up Map menu is displayed from the Map or 3D Map screens by tapping and holding a point on the screen.
Note: Available options depend
Menu Option Description
Location The name of the road, POI, Favourite or Quick Nav.
Select to display the location summary.
Set as departure Sets the selected point as your departure point.
Navigate to Sets the selected point as your destination point.
Smart will calculate and display the route to your destination.
Add to favourites Adds the selected point to your Favourites.
Add To Trip Adds the selected point to your trip as a destination point.
Route Detour Reroutes your route to avoid the next 1, 2, 5 or 10 kilometres or miles.
Add Avoid Area* Adds an Avoid Area for you to size and locate.
Delete Avoid Area* Deletes the selected Avoid Area.
Clear Avoid Areas* Deletes all Avoid Areas.
Route Summary Displays the route summary.
Route Demonstrator Starts the Route Demonstrator, demonstrating navigation from your current
position or departure point to your destination.
Cancel Demonstrator Cancels the Route Demonstrator.
Cancel Route Cancels current route.
Nearest Points of Interest Opens the Points of Interest screen. Select the POI to navigate to.
* Map screen only.
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