Bluetooth GPS Receiver | User Manual
1. Introduction
Whether you travel in your own country, or overseas, the Bluetooth™ GPS Receiver will provide you with a Global
Positioning System (GPS) based location accurate to within 5 m (15 ft) for 95% of the time.
The Bluetooth GPS Receiver contains:
• A GPS antenna to receive signals from the GPS satellites,
• An internal microcomputer to calculate the position of the receiver on Earth, and
• A Bluetooth link to send the GPS position to your PDA within a radius of less than 10 m (33 ft).
When using in a vehicle, the Bluetooth GPS Receiver can be mounted on your dash or back window in a position where
it has a clear view of the sky and can receive GPS signals easily.
GPS and GPS Signals
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a network of satellites that transmit accurate time and position information
worldwide. GPS receivers receive signals from these satellites, and use the information to determine their exact location.
GPS satellites orbit the Earth at around 12,000 miles. While a GPS receiver can detect signals from up to 12 satellites
at any time, only three are needed to provide a two-dimensional position or “fix” (latitude and longitude) required for
vehicle navigation systems. GPS data is available free of charge for any user.
The Bluetooth GPS Receiver will send the GPS position information to your PDA which may then be used by your
third-party software to plot your position on a map and direct you to your destination.
Safety Notice
In a vehicle, it is your sole responsibility to place, secure and use the Bluetooth GPS Receiver in a manner that
will not cause accidents, personal injury or property damage. It is your sole responsibility to observe safe driving
practices and to ensure that the vehicle mount installation instructions are read carefully, understood and used
consistently with the laws of operation for each country in which the device is used.
It is your sole responsibility to adhere to the following safety instructions at all times:
• Do not operate the Bluetooth GPS Receiver while driving or place the receiver in a position that obstructs the
driver’s view
• Do not mount in a way that interferes with airbags or other safety equipment
• Do not leave in view while your vehicle is unattended, especially in strong sunlight
• Do not use or handle the Bluetooth GPS Receiver when it is hot, leave it to cool out of direct sunlight.
Navman disclaim all liability for use of this product in a way that may cause accidents, damage or that may violate
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