Bluetooth GPS Receiver | User Manual
4. Positioning the Bluetooth GPS Receiver
in a Vehicle
Use the following guides to choose a suitable position for the Bluetooth GPS Receiver:
• The receiver must have a good view of the sky and horizon.
• The receiver must not obstruct your view, or interfere with the operation of the vehicle or the vehicle safety equipment.
• The receiver must be accessible so that you can operate the On/Off button and replace the batteries.
• Avoid placing the receiver near sources of electrical interference or noise.
• Avoid locations subjected to excessive shock or vibration.
• The receiver must be within 10 m (33 ft) of your PDA.
• The receiver is not waterproof — mount it where it will not get wet (including condensation).
Note: If your vehicle is fitted with an athermic (heat reflecting) or a heated windscreen, you may need to purchase a
Navman external antenna to allow your Bluetooth GPS Receiver to receive GPS signals inside the vehicle. See page 11.
The Bluetooth GPS Receiver and your PDA are mounted separately in your vehicle. Follow these instructions carefully to
ensure proper installation. For security purposes and to avoid overheating, do not leave the Bluetooth GPS Receiver or
your PDA on the dash or attached to the windscreen while your vehicle is unattended, especially in strong sunlight.
Positioning your Receiver
Option One: Windscreen Suction Mount
You can position the Bluetooth GPS Receiver on the inside of your vehicle windscreen or back window using the
receiver windscreen suction mount and receiver cradle:
1. Insert the tab on the receiver windscreen suction mount into the receiver cradle slot.
2. Fasten the receiver cradle to the receiver windscreen suction mount by using the two screws provided.
3. Find a suitable position in your vehicle for the Bluetooth GPS Receiver to be mounted.
4. Use the alcohol swab to thoroughly clean the window area that the suction cup will be mounted to. Do not
touch the area after it is cleaned.
5. Do not touch the bare suction cup surface. Press the suction cup firmly to the window, then pull the lever
down and away from the window.
6. Slide the Bluetooth GPS Receiver into the receiver cradle.
To remove the receiver windscreen suction mount from the windscreen or back window, press the lever down
and toward the window and gently lift the tab on the rim of the suction cup.
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